EcoCard Casino

ecocard-logoEcoCard is issued by popular the payment processor EcoPayz and allows customers to send and receive money in a matter of minutes. As a result, it is widely used as a payment method at various online casinos. EcoCard is considered a safe and reliable payment option, mostly because there is absolutely no need to disclose any personal details and banking information when using it.

EcoCard can be used by all players who have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. Those who wish to use the card are faced with two options. The first one is purchasing a plastic EcoCard which can be used anywhere where MasterCard is accepted. The second option is the virtual version of the card – it functions as an electronic wallet and can be used to pay for online purchases or deposit money in web-based casinos. However, the virtual card expires after you’ve made one purchase.

Registration and Activation

Registering with an Eco account is relatively quick and simple. For the purpose, players are required to fill in the form with some personal and financial information and provide a valid email address. Once the form is filled, an activation link will be sent to the specified email address to activate the newly-created Eco account. During registration, players can link their Eco account to their credit card and use the latter as a means of funding their EcoPayz account.

Players, registered with EcoPayz, can use their account as a standard electronic wallet by linking it to their credit or debit card. Of course, the Eco account should be funded first – this can be done via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cheques or even other electronic wallets. Once finished with that, they will be able to make a deposit to their casino account.

Many gambling enthusiasts apply for a plastic EcoCard and certainly this is a very good decision. What’s great about using EcoCard is that you can control your spendings as the card functions as a standard debit card. Thus, players can spend only the amount they’ve loaded into their EcoCard. The card can be topped up from the EcoPayz account.

You can receive the plastic version of the card by logging into your EcoPayz account and applying for one. Within the next 21 days, it will be delivered. Then, an activation of the card will be necessary. To activate it, users once again need to sign into their Eco account and enter their birth date and the card’s number. Your EcoCard is ready to use in all web casinos where MasterCard is listed as an accepted payment method.

Deposit and Withdrawals With EcoCard

Optimized-deposit-casinoThe EcoCard can be used for depositing funds into your casino account, as well as for withdrawing them. To make a deposit with the card, players must log into their casino account and select it from the menu with available payment methods. Naturally, the card should be loaded with a sufficient amount of money. The sum will be transferred to the player’s casino account instantly.

The withdrawal procedure is almost the same. But first, make sure the casino, you’re playing at, accepts withdrawals with EcoCard, because not all of them do. There is a certain possibility of having to provide your ID number when you’re withdrawing your winnings via EcoCard for the first time. This is done for verification purposes and the step is not required at all online casinos.

EcoCard Fees and Limits

Using EcoCard is related to paying some fees, even though they are within reasonable limits. Many players prefer this method of payment mainly because of its transparency as there are no hidden fees. Issuing and activating the card is free of charge. As long as there are sufficient funds in your Eco account, you can use them to load your card. Depositing funds in the Eco account with a credit card is charged with a fee, amounting to 1.69-2.90% of the deposited sum.

Eco accounts are subdivided into several levels – Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. Customers can reach the next level by making more purchases, using their EcoCard. Each level brings you different benefits. Players, who wish to cash out with EcoCard and have reached Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP level, will have to pay a fee, equal to 2% of the sum they wish to withdraw from their casino accounts. The minimal fee for withdrawals amounts to €1,50.

It’s very important to remember fees are also imposed whenever converting currency is necessary. The currency conversion fee amounts to 2,99% of the sum that’s converted. The currency conversion fee is automatically added, once the currency exchange rates have been calculated.

EcoCard limits may vary depending on the customers’ account level. Customers with Silver accounts can make purchases of up to €2,000 per day via POS, while those with Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts are limited to €4,000 per day. The limits of ATM transactions, on the other hand, vary between €750 and €1,500 per day.

In case your Eco account has remained inactive in the last twelve months, you will have to pay a monthly fee of €1,50 and this applies to all four levels. If the card expires, a new one will be issued free of charge which is not the case if it gets lost – then you’ll have to pay €12,50 for a new one. It would be a good idea to remember your PIN code well because otherwise each PIN reminder will cost you €0,50.


online-safetyEcoPayz uses sophisticated technologies to protect customers from frauds and ensure time-efficient and secure transactions. All transactions are coded with SSL encryptions. In addition, special firewalls and frequent backups ensure transaction information and history are secured.

When players make a transaction to or from an online casino, their personal and financial information is not shared with the latter. Furthermore, EcoPayz takes strict security measures to protect the information stored on their servers from hacker attacks and spyware. The company complies with all security standards imposed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Benefits of Using EcoCard

Players can greatly benefit from using EcoCard for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you can use the card without worrying about the safety of your transactions as all of them are heavily encrypted. Then again, the card offers flexibility and is just as easy to use as a regular debit card.

In addition, EcoPayz accepts a great variety of currencies and in many cases there will be no need to pay for currency conversion. The fees for withdrawals, on the other hand, are quite reasonable.

But one of the greatest benefits of using EcoCard is that it eliminates the possibility of overspending. You can only spend the amount, your EcoCard is loaded with.